Friday, April 4, 2014

Suddenly Spring

Technically spring begins in mid-March. This year, however, it began in April. It feels like a switch has been flipped, after such a long, cold winter, its nice to see the campus full of all the people who have been in hibernation all winter outside.

In celebration of the nice weather I've started my pre-plan plan, an easy ramp up to get myself used to running again and ready to begin my real plan in a few months. Currently, I've been working on running about 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.  I've also been incorporating some weight training with a women's weightlifting class that my campus offers twice a week.

While I feel like I'm on track with exercising, I still need to work on my diet, which is too much that of a typical college student. For example, I have had pop-tarts and 2 coffees so far today, and will eat hamburgers later at a dinner with friends - not exactly balanced meals.Though I need to work on this, I'm optimistic that with a little effort and planning, I can get my diet to where it needs to be to fuel my training.

All this warm weather has been putting me in such a good mood - feeling awesome!

277 Days Away from the Marathon Weekend!

Goal Setting...

 The Walt Disney World Marathon.

When I discovered that this race existed, it immediately became a bucket-list accomplishment, and it looks like this year, I will be able to make it happen. I'll be using this blog to track my progress and keep myself accountable.

26.2 Miles.

The longest race I have run to date is only a 5K, so over the course of this year, I'll be building up to running (and walking) more than 42K. Here we go.....